The adage says ‘you’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it’. First off, I never make my bed (sorry Mom). Secondly, what’s stopping you from just dusting the bed off and make it up again? My homemaker skills notwithstanding, you don’t have to sleep in a bed in dirty sheets unless that is your prerogative. The task is simple; you grab a corner, pull back and shake.

Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades | Brand New

Sic Transit Gloria roughly translates from latin to english as passes the glory of the world.  That momentary power and fame are temporary and we should search not only in ourselves but in our world. That flights of fancy are just that – fleeting.  Pop Punk band Brand New has created a high art video not normally seen. The video still stands out about a decade later. Our director, Marc Webb, has gone on to direct 500 Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-man featuring my favourite Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone (Mary Jane can suck it).

View the Cover where Band We are the Crowd turns the song into a duet. Its a nice interpretation.


Shattering the Counterpoint

Shattering the Counterpoint by Samantha Brown and Jeff McIntosh

Perhaps our bad days are merely good days in disguise.
Without the sweet sounds of your tangents, the longest night continued without end.

I could not hear your melody as I traversed the staff, out of time.
The notes were muddled in the onslaught of sound. No matter; we never yield to these temporary setbacks as we advance bar by bar to the final note.

The great crescendo has yet to be hit, as our pitches embrace, falling, lifting, and breaking in the counterpoint.
It goes like this; my third and your fifth, and from them is drawn the undeniable symphony.

That Was Then; This is Now | Deus Ex Machina

First off, Imogen Heap. Sparks. One of the best albums of 2014.

For Ms. Heap’s fans, she has been long working on this project to help her be closer with her audience.  These musical gloves allow the user to use gestures to create sound or loops of sound.

However, CNN’s title makes it sound like anyone can literally slip on these gloves and become a musician.

Heap’s gloves will not magically turn anyone into an artist.  It will not replace knowing musical composition, structure and musical knowledge. Heap and her team have brought a new technology into existence as part of her artistic expression.

Just for Now, off of her album Speak for Yourself shows what she does with her synthesisers live.  Me the Machine, off of 2014 Sparks, Imogen can drop the keyboard and 808s and truly be in front of her audience.

Can she bee any more remarkable?

More on her gloves:

Loose Control and Gain Command

Negotiating Deals with The Devil

Canadian Rockers The Salads started their career with a huge launch.  Their single ‘Get Loose’ was picked up by Molson (Canada’s second oldest company next to Hudson Bay) and was the theme song for Graduates all over finally achieving drinking age. The video was heavily rotated on MuchMusic (the station that used to play music and now just plays MTV reality TV shows…and Degrassi)

Their Album Fold A to B (2003) had several hits on the Canadian airwaves.  Their third album The Big Picture arguably lacked creativity.  It was after this album that the bad would leave EMI Music Canada.

The Salads are back releasing Music Every Day in 2012. They released this on their own label Maui Wowie which is a TCH strain from Maui, Hawaii.

What their 2012 album lacks is the power of the record company – someone to produce music videos, set up interviews, promotions and marketing.  The band themselves has to be responsible for what an entire team of experts did.  But what they lost in marketing they gained creative control.

The single ‘Music Everyday’ shows shows that the time with the record machine did not sour their love for music.

Post Script: Guys hire a Ryerson Student to make your next video please. XO

Rock and roll in it. Sooth your soul with it. Loose control in it. Music Everyday!