The adage says ‘you’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it’. First off, I never make my bed (sorry Mom). Secondly, what’s stopping you from just dusting the bed off and make it up again? My homemaker skills notwithstanding, you don’t have to sleep in a bed in dirty sheets unless that is your prerogative. The task is simple; you grab a corner, pull back and shake.

Living The Dream

Jeff: If we’re going to Sneaky Dee’s on a Tuesday, we should have Fajitas, not Nachos.

Chad: You memorized the night specials?

Jeff: Chad, don’t take this away from me. I’m single, depressed and I live on my mother’s couch.

Post Script:

Nothing at American Apparel fits my Giant 6’4 Body. It always looks like I ate a hipster. 

Relationship zone! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!!!

Jeff: OMG. I double hung out with Jason. I’m having a crisis!

Gen: hahaha!

Jeff: Hey. Heeyyyyy! Do not gloat.

Gen: God, why does it weird you boys out so much?!?

Jeff: Because he asked me to HANG Gen. Then BAM! The next thing I know is we’re sharing a communal T-shirt and shopping. AT IKEA!!

Gen: Man, you guys escalate real quick.

Jeff: Because like 1/3 of the gays are on speed! Can we focus?!?