Doubt is conquered by Faith | Kierkegaard

Existentialist philosopher Søren Kierkegaard talks about the concept Leap of Faith in his work Concluding Unscientific Postscript. To walk by Faith is to trust that the ground will support your steps on this journey. There will be no empirical evidence support this claim. No money back guarantee or 1800 number to complain to when it does not work.

The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived. – Søren Kierkegaard

Lessons from our mother| Our Queen.

Forward: A poem for our mother, Elizabeth Charles. Happy birthday mom. Love always, Jeff.

Lessons from our mother; Our Queen.

Your grace is never lost on us. We follow in the footsteps of your walk. Embracing all of darkness and beauty this Earth has to offer. Keeping our hearts in time with the heavens above. That the greatest weapon is a mind, convicted.

To gain control in our lives we must have the courage to change Fate’s choir. We refuse her tune of misfortune and carve a path of our own 3883 kilometers long.

All to see the glory of the sunrise.


Now Voyager | Step into Adventure

Dear Reader,
It’s is absolutely imperative that you follow me on this journey. That we join arms and travel to an unknown destination. Like Darwin, I’m asking you to take an expedition in which we may never return.
I know. You barely know me and I’m asking you to make a leap of faith. Into darkness. Forgive my audacious nature but reader I implore you to come aboard this ship already in transit. Our destination is as illusive as the stars against the night sky.
I promise you reader with my right hand over my heart and hand to sky that we will both be ever transformed. Evolved into someone completely new.
You have no reason to follow me on what I promise will be the most exciting voyage but I ask for your hand anyway.
This adventure is unfolding – join me.

love is just an abstract concept | It can’t knock down stuff

My gift from the Heavens is that of understanding.
To see order in chaos.

Once the static is separated the picture’s luminance flies off the page. The answer illuminated.

Then my dearest, there’s you.
You’re simply impossible.

There is no pattern, no rhyme, no reason to your nature.
I cannot predict, track, or accurately map your wildly fantastic spirit. To my structuralist patterns you are a maelstrom on my senses.

My heart strings are tangled in a web of your exploding colour
yet my intellect cannot begin to unravel your mystery.

So I embark on my life’s greatest work to discover your enigma. I’ll attempt to understand your weather patterns as you pull me into your hurricane.

Catch me my darling. I’m here waiting.

My Impossible boy.


Second Chance | Follow The Yellow Brick Road

My road to redemption that I had imagined to be so long and immensely painful was just that – imagined.  My friendships are stronger then I had ever imagined.  The forgiveness I have received will not be forgotten.

Walking backward from my road to Hell, I found a shiny yellow brick road.  The barriers only existed in my mind.  The balance and the harmony that I strive to return to is right in front of me. It all begins with a single step and a Mind Without Fear. 

How Jeffy Got His Groove Back

It’s been a long time. My piece titled ‘Hello’ was a spiritual marker that I had not been myself. That the person I strive to be was being compromised. That I can be so much more.
Pride weekend in Montreal reaffirmed belief in myself. My skills, my failures and what I need to work on in the future. In the words of Ms. Jully Black – you gotta travel the long road so that you can smile again.

My life is filed with joy. Friendship really never ends. And they travel with me – connected no matter what the distance.

Try again. Fail again. Laugh again.



I can’t Fuck you unless you know who Tim Armstrong is.

So I’m walking around aimlessly. Stoned of course. So I get a slice of pizza (not for the pizza pizza itself but for the wifi.) Wrote a bad joke about Robin Williams —

Dying after Robin Williams is kinda a tough act to follow.
(Too soon?)


Got a slushie. Was invited by a dude on scruff to the vapor lounge. On Scuff [ Notation for straights / those without HBO – it’s a gay hook up app]
So dude points at my shirt. And asks ‘Who’s Rancid’. I kept it kool. For TWO seconds. I’m like WTF -You don’t know who Tim fucking Armstrong is? I had get up and leave on principle alone.

AND THAT’s what keeping it punk means to me.