Rule Number Two: Double Tap

Upcoming Trailer for Australian Zombie film – Plague

Synopsis A small group of survivors seek shelter from an infection that has spread like a plague among the human race. Evie (Tegan Crowley) and her fellow survivors find refuge and wait for her husband John’s (Scott Marcus) return. After the infected attack, Evie refuses to abandon her husband against the wishes of the group. The survivors revolt leaving Evie to an uncertain fate. With the unexpected arrival of Charlie (Steven Kennedy) what appears to be an opportunity at a new beginning quickly turns into a horror as menacing as the infected that pursue them.



The Makeshift Wizard

Makeshift Wizard

By Samantha Brown and Jeff McIntosh

If ever there was a wiz of a man.
A wildly fantastical man who’s mind was made of straw. If he only he had the nerve, the courage, the direction, to allow the ascension of truth. Instead he stands witness to falsehoods and deceit.
Inside, a perplexed mind, overwrought consciousness and soul all weighed heavily upon the Technicolor world he made as his own.
He could no longer maintain the façade;
eventually buying into the lies he sold.
It began with the bones.
Whisper tales to a dead man;
nothing will be revealed.

The truth and the lies you feed them are safe;
dead men say no secrets.
They keep faith, ever silent and watchful,
never mind the whispers; desperation bleeds denial.

Somewhere between the lies and the truth
lays the heart of the wiz that was.
His deception continued,
the light of day and truth being denied them.
A mechanized head watching over a gleaming city
is not so far-fetched, considering the present face of evil.
Gilded in Technicolor, it becomes easy to believe the lies.

No wizard whizzed behind the curtain that was;
just a man turning to dust with the rest of us.
That veil kept the illusion complete;
removed, the lie he bought was brought bare.
Before himself, he was exposed.
Just a man, immersed in his own lies after falling from the sky.

Buffy Summers | Intro to The Slayer Series

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

These few lines would start a lifetime obsession with Buffy,  the popular valley girl with some not so average problems.  After the events of the eponymous film, Buffy is transferred to Sunnydale High over what is known as the Hellmouth or an inter dimensional gateway between this world and the next. It explains the paranormal activity.  The metaphor Joss Whedon and his staff are going for is that ‘High School is Hell’. No one leaves high school without scars or echoes.

Joss designed Buffy to carry on in our hearts long after the series.

When I created Buffy, I wanted to create a female icon, but I also wanted to be very careful to surround her with men that not only have no problem with the idea of a female leader, but were in fact engaged and even attracted to the idea. – Joss Whedon

Joss created Buffy as wanting her to be an insignificant girl with extraordinary powers. Modelled after 80’s action heroes like Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley.

To celebrate Buffy and Halloween, I am writing a series of essays that i’m calling The Slayer Series.  Starting with my beloved Xander.  Xander is more then just a watcher, he is a hero in his own right.

Xander Rising: Why Xander Harris is the unsung hero of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Coming soon to #Jeffsnotthatfunny

Hello Again, Old Friend.

Hello 😉
Hello again, old friend. It’s been a long time. It feels like we haven’t spoken in ages….Remember how we used to discuss you endlessly? You and all your big dreams. You were in the process of being me. Growing. Evolving. Challenging. Not yet knowing what was to come. What you would discover. But my dearest, the new me feels sorry for the old you. How you’ll never understand this new synchronicity. Always running. Afraid of what you might find. I was you. Lacking in depth. Only just discovering breath. Leaping before you looked. No acknowledgement of fear. That was your motto after you saw it spray painted high up on that mountain in Old Montreal. Now your measured. calculated. slow. Old you improvised as you ran down the rabbit hole. Today, you being you would never tumble down. You lost track of the terrain; no longer scared of who will catch you when you fall. But old you is still there. Sometimes if you listen closely. Strain your ear to listen. He’s terrified that you’ll forget all about him. 


Dial Z for Zombies!

tumblr_migawrAh391rx6jeeo1_400Hello Cyberspace!

For those who know me, I am a huge zombie fanatic and have watched my fair share of both awesome and horrendous zombie flicks.

Of course I have to give it up to George Romero, the Godfather of Zombie films. This list automatically assumes that Night of the Living Dead is one of the best zombie movies and is a cult classic. That being said, there have been a lot of revisiting the Zombie since.

I’m going to run down a list of awesome zombie flicks that you may or may not have come across.

Dawn of the Dead

Simply put, the remake of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead arguable put Zombies back on the big screen and into the heart of geeks.

Shawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead spawned one the all time best comedy zombie flicks, Shawn of the dead staring Spaced’s Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. This movie almost instantly became a cult classic.

Dead Snow

Dead Snow is feature’s Norwegian Nazi-zombies! Yes, Zombie Nazis.

La Horde

Three words: Gangsters, Cops and Zombies. You wouldn’t think these elements would fit together but they do oh so harmoniously.


Fido creates a world where zombies are essentially servants however, its unique commentary of 1950’s/1960’s subtext makes this film work on so many levels.

Dead Set (Serious)

Dead Set Serious mixes Big Brother and mixes Zombies. Watch this mini series cut into a more interesting movie and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Severance follows a group of workers who travel to Eastern Europe. Zombies, of course, interrupt this pleasant team-building weekend.


Quarantine, a remake of a zombie flick REC follows a reporter and cameraman in the zombie apocalypse.


Zombeland mixes Zombies and comedy so perfectly, it should be illegal. It features Zombie Bill Murray. That is all you need to know.

28 Days Later/28 weeks later

28 Days later and its sequel 28 weeks later should be watched back to back. What is particularly interesting about this zombie film is its focus on human relationships and how twisted they can become.

Keep it Punk | Zombie night


Small town punk rockers THE BRAIN DEADS have their first out of town show, but there are a few problems: The venue is deserted, the promoter is a creep, their bassist has gone missing, and the only kids in the audience turn out to be bloodthirsty punk rockers from Hell. NIGHT OF THE PUNKS is an award-winning 19 minute splatterpunk love letter to 1980’s horror cinema, influenced by films like Return of the Living Dead, The Evil Dead and Night of the Demons.