Lessons from our mother| Our Queen.

Forward: A poem for our mother, Elizabeth Charles. Happy birthday mom. Love always, Jeff.

Lessons from our mother; Our Queen.

Your grace is never lost on us. We follow in the footsteps of your walk. Embracing all of darkness and beauty this Earth has to offer. Keeping our hearts in time with the heavens above. That the greatest weapon is a mind, convicted.

To gain control in our lives we must have the courage to change Fate’s choir. We refuse her tune of misfortune and carve a path of our own 3883 kilometers long.

All to see the glory of the sunrise.


love is just an abstract concept | It can’t knock down stuff

My gift from the Heavens is that of understanding.
To see order in chaos.

Once the static is separated the picture’s luminance flies off the page. The answer illuminated.

Then my dearest, there’s you.
You’re simply impossible.

There is no pattern, no rhyme, no reason to your nature.
I cannot predict, track, or accurately map your wildly fantastic spirit. To my structuralist patterns you are a maelstrom on my senses.

My heart strings are tangled in a web of your exploding colour
yet my intellect cannot begin to unravel your mystery.

So I embark on my life’s greatest work to discover your enigma. I’ll attempt to understand your weather patterns as you pull me into your hurricane.

Catch me my darling. I’m here waiting.

My Impossible boy.


Captain Buzzkill

Jeff: Man I’m having the best day Eva!!!! We saw Brand New. Had Sneaky Dee’s nachos. I even saw a shooting star!

Gordo: Ehh. You might not have saw a shooting star. In actuality you probably just saw falling space junk – a satellite or debris.

Jeff: Fuck off Gordo! I choose to believe it was a falling star. Buzzkill.

Gordo: Have you met me?

Please don’t lose your faith in me. I’m not going anywhere. – Taking Back Sunday


On Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers died doing what she loved – going under the knife.  – Matt R.

Well Matty,  you certainly know how to tie everything up neatly.  You know she’s already annoying God with her loud voice. She made the world laugh. Today she’ll make a lot cry. May she RIP.




P.S. Now who Is Kathy Griffin going to steal her act from?


Relationship zone! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!!!

Jeff: OMG. I double hung out with Jason. I’m having a crisis!

Gen: hahaha!

Jeff: Hey. Heeyyyyy! Do not gloat.

Gen: God, why does it weird you boys out so much?!?

Jeff: Because he asked me to HANG Gen. Then BAM! The next thing I know is we’re sharing a communal T-shirt and shopping. AT IKEA!!

Gen: Man, you guys escalate real quick.

Jeff: Because like 1/3 of the gays are on speed! Can we focus?!?


Life | Sequence VI

I believe if there’s any kind of God it wouldn’t be in any of us, not you or me but just this little space in between. If there’s any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it’s almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt. – Celine (Julie Delpy)


No, I’m not helping you move | Sassy Gay Rant

If I help you move I feel the entire time I deserve the right to sass (Yes, the entire time. I’m moving things. For F.R.E.E.)

How did I end up here? Again! Not again!!!! Every time I say ‘ never again’ just say no. But they get you off guard each and every single fucking time. You want to say no but you give in so somehow you don’t look like a jerk. It’s friendship extortion!!

In exchange for my free labour? Crappy pizza and piss poor beer!! And I have a rule – no fucking discount beer. If your going to use my body in (a non sexy way) then it’s got to be real. [No,] I don’t care if that makes me seem like an asshole. That’s YOUR shit we’re moving. It does not belong to me. I don’t care if some rando strangers steal your things from the lobby.

By the way this is Toronto, not downtown Compton.

And another thing like don’t start setting up shit like we’re your peons. Bitch please. It’s not my stuff. So get yo shit together and move stuff while we’re burning sunlight.

/ end of sassy gay rant