Life | Sequence VI

I believe if there’s any kind of God it wouldn’t be in any of us, not you or me but just this little space in between. If there’s any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something. I know, it’s almost impossible to succeed but who cares really? The answer must be in the attempt. – Celine (Julie Delpy)


No, I’m not helping you move | Sassy Gay Rant

If I help you move I feel the entire time I deserve the right to sass (Yes, the entire time. I’m moving things. For F.R.E.E.)

How did I end up here? Again! Not again!!!! Every time I say ‘ never again’ just say no. But they get you off guard each and every single fucking time. You want to say no but you give in so somehow you don’t look like a jerk. It’s friendship extortion!!

In exchange for my free labour? Crappy pizza and piss poor beer!! And I have a rule – no fucking discount beer. If your going to use my body in (a non sexy way) then it’s got to be real. [No,] I don’t care if that makes me seem like an asshole. That’s YOUR shit we’re moving. It does not belong to me. I don’t care if some rando strangers steal your things from the lobby.

By the way this is Toronto, not downtown Compton.

And another thing like don’t start setting up shit like we’re your peons. Bitch please. It’s not my stuff. So get yo shit together and move stuff while we’re burning sunlight.

/ end of sassy gay rant


Second Chance | Follow The Yellow Brick Road

My road to redemption that I had imagined to be so long and immensely painful was just that – imagined.  My friendships are stronger then I had ever imagined.  The forgiveness I have received will not be forgotten.

Walking backward from my road to Hell, I found a shiny yellow brick road.  The barriers only existed in my mind.  The balance and the harmony that I strive to return to is right in front of me. It all begins with a single step and a Mind Without Fear. 

I can’t Fuck you unless you know who Tim Armstrong is.

So I’m walking around aimlessly. Stoned of course. So I get a slice of pizza (not for the pizza pizza itself but for the wifi.) Wrote a bad joke about Robin Williams —

Dying after Robin Williams is kinda a tough act to follow.
(Too soon?)


Got a slushie. Was invited by a dude on scruff to the vapor lounge. On Scuff [ Notation for straights / those without HBO – it’s a gay hook up app]
So dude points at my shirt. And asks ‘Who’s Rancid’. I kept it kool. For TWO seconds. I’m like WTF -You don’t know who Tim fucking Armstrong is? I had get up and leave on principle alone.

AND THAT’s what keeping it punk means to me.

Hello Again, Old Friend.

Hello 😉
Hello again, old friend. It’s been a long time. It feels like we haven’t spoken in ages….Remember how we used to discuss you endlessly? You and all your big dreams. You were in the process of being me. Growing. Evolving. Challenging. Not yet knowing what was to come. What you would discover. But my dearest, the new me feels sorry for the old you. How you’ll never understand this new synchronicity. Always running. Afraid of what you might find. I was you. Lacking in depth. Only just discovering breath. Leaping before you looked. No acknowledgement of fear. That was your motto after you saw it spray painted high up on that mountain in Old Montreal. Now your measured. calculated. slow. Old you improvised as you ran down the rabbit hole. Today, you being you would never tumble down. You lost track of the terrain; no longer scared of who will catch you when you fall. But old you is still there. Sometimes if you listen closely. Strain your ear to listen. He’s terrified that you’ll forget all about him. 


Best Friends means Friends forever

Jeff: Need a smigeroonie of a favour. I need to borrow 10 bucks.

Elisa: Bitch you haven’t spoken to me in 8 months.

Jeff: Just answer the question.

* 5 minutes later*

Jeff: Ok. Smig more favour. I need your help swindling this vender dude from 30 to 20 bucks for this Tshirt. Yes I still need the original ten. Yeah I know I’m pushing it.


Embracing Storm

Embracing Storm. He cannot hide from the rising tide approaching. The glare of the sun prevents him from viewing the event horizon at its full opacity. The longest night still approaches. More hurried then before. He stands. Backwards. Letting the tide approach him. At it’s own pace. It’s own syncopation. He awaits the wavefront.