Metamorphosis| Step One

Reggae artist Jimmy Cliff, most famous for the song ‘I can see clearly now’ from the early 90’s was arguably a one hit wonder in North America.

After a break, his album Rebirth came out swinging with a new take on Ruby Soho. His 2012 album, Rebirth, produced by Tim Armstrong, won a Grammy for best Reggae album that year.

Like Cliff, I too am experiencing a metamorphosis.  I feel an eternal calm crumbling beneath me.

As a rebirth one has to go back to point zero to move forward again. We recorded the music with the same instruments that we had used back in the days, the same style that we used to record, which is everyone recording at the same time – Cliff Source: NPR Music

love is just an abstract concept | It can’t knock down stuff

My gift from the Heavens is that of understanding.
To see order in chaos.

Once the static is separated the picture’s luminance flies off the page. The answer illuminated.

Then my dearest, there’s you.
You’re simply impossible.

There is no pattern, no rhyme, no reason to your nature.
I cannot predict, track, or accurately map your wildly fantastic spirit. To my structuralist patterns you are a maelstrom on my senses.

My heart strings are tangled in a web of your exploding colour
yet my intellect cannot begin to unravel your mystery.

So I embark on my life’s greatest work to discover your enigma. I’ll attempt to understand your weather patterns as you pull me into your hurricane.

Catch me my darling. I’m here waiting.

My Impossible boy.


Sheena’s Still Rocking | The Kids are Alright

Sheena’s Still Rocking.

It exists in the fray. Beyond the barriers of the confined reality. The chains you tie her to are dismantled as she rages against the dying of the night.

This; power you receive when you exist in the cracks. The sound goes clickity clack.

The percussion.
The vibration.
The rising crescendo.

Faster. Harder.
Hit the snare.
Shred the guitar.
Harder still.