The Chemicals | I Need Your Heaven

Ms. Shirley Mason is back and writing for the next studio album.  The Chemicals features Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups. This track will remind you of trashing around in the disappearing underground scene.

Aphrodite’s siren smiles
She steals anything she likes
Everything you never said
Everything you never did
Everything you fantasized

The Chemicals, Garbage

/Rave On

Cascades – Metric

Metric follows up Synthetica with Pagans in Vegas. Ms. Haines previously explored the idea of Vegas in Rock me Now.

When she was seven years old she saw a man get shot
But no one came for a long time
Because it happened in a remote parking lot in Las Vegas
And she was waiting for her mom to come back
From working the blackjack table at the Circus Circus Casino

And that night her mom said that
The two of them and the now dead guy
Were the only three people who ever really lived in Las Vegas
Everybody else just arrived
Ate their complimentary shrimp cocktail and left

– Metric, Rock Me New, Grow Up and Blow Away (Recorded in 2001)

Now over a decade later Vegas is now the focal point of the album.

This new track is heavy on the synth and connected to her concept of the robot Synthetica – an alter ego that detests humans as a result of their imperfection. This new track, Cascades is a large departure from what we have previously heard from the band.  The Marquis from the album art work is The Chisca Hotel, where Elvis debuted his first track.