Loose Control and Gain Command

Negotiating Deals with The Devil

Canadian Rockers The Salads started their career with a huge launch.  Their single ‘Get Loose’ was picked up by Molson (Canada’s second oldest company next to Hudson Bay) and was the theme song for Graduates all over finally achieving drinking age. The video was heavily rotated on MuchMusic (the station that used to play music and now just plays MTV reality TV shows…and Degrassi)

Their Album Fold A to B (2003) had several hits on the Canadian airwaves.  Their third album The Big Picture arguably lacked creativity.  It was after this album that the bad would leave EMI Music Canada.

The Salads are back releasing Music Every Day in 2012. They released this on their own label Maui Wowie which is a TCH strain from Maui, Hawaii.

What their 2012 album lacks is the power of the record company – someone to produce music videos, set up interviews, promotions and marketing.  The band themselves has to be responsible for what an entire team of experts did.  But what they lost in marketing they gained creative control.

The single ‘Music Everyday’ shows shows that the time with the record machine did not sour their love for music.

Post Script: Guys hire a Ryerson Student to make your next video please. XO

Rock and roll in it. Sooth your soul with it. Loose control in it. Music Everyday!

Team Clara

Peter Capaldi is doing a great job as the Twelve Doctor.  Full Disclosure: Clara Oswald aka The Impossible Girl is my favourite mystery since Bad Wolf.

I don’t care what the haters say about her. She’s quick, clever and most importantly can keep up with the doctor with out the need to be saved every five minutes (Sorry Amy).

Can you explain your plan without using the word sonic screwdriver? Because you might have forgotten the Sheriff of Nottingham has taken your Sonic Screwdriver. Just Saying. It’s ALWAYS the screwdriver. – Clara Oswald, Robot of Sherwood, Series 8

Now Voyager | Step into Adventure

Dear Reader,
It’s is absolutely imperative that you follow me on this journey. That we join arms and travel to an unknown destination. Like Darwin, I’m asking you to take an expedition in which we may never return.
I know. You barely know me and I’m asking you to make a leap of faith. Into darkness. Forgive my audacious nature but reader I implore you to come aboard this ship already in transit. Our destination is as illusive as the stars against the night sky.
I promise you reader with my right hand over my heart and hand to sky that we will both be ever transformed. Evolved into someone completely new.
You have no reason to follow me on what I promise will be the most exciting voyage but I ask for your hand anyway.
This adventure is unfolding – join me.

The Dark Battle

Full Disclosure; Shirley Manson is one of my childhood heroes. There’s a special weakness in my heart for women who rock hard – Joan Jett, Debbie Harry and the like. But I digress.

I recently read an article regarding the beautiful and talented redhead rocker. In this interview, she’s frank about Garbage’s rapid ascent to fame and her personal battle with body dysmorphia.  I was flabbergasted to read that a women who I had idealized as the ideal hard edge rocker struggled with body image.  She was on magazines, DVDs and countless interviews.  After James Bond ‘ The World is Not Enough’ Garbage had shot to international fame.  In her interviews she seemed just so (excuse my French) fucking cool that I figured nothing bothered her. Like she was made of adamantium.

When I returned to the music it was all too apparent

I only smile in the dark

My only comfort is the night gone black

I didn’t accidentally tell you that

I’m only happy when it rains

I’m only happy when it rains, (Garbage, 2005)

You choke behind a smile

A fake behind the fear

The queerest of the queer

Queer (Garbage, 2005)

Super stardom did not erase her pain. In fact she channeled it into her work and masked it.  In 2012 the band was finally able to go solo and released Not Your Kind of People on their on label STUNVOLUME, Producing music on their own terms  without the record machine.

Ms. Manson is fearless in her exposed nature they write ‘ Battle In Me’

 It’s a bloody war of attrition

Let’s see which one of us is going to last the night

‘Cause I have all of my wits around me

And I’ll be damned if I’m done

Battle In Me, (Not Your Kind of People, 2012)

We can never truly know the dark battles people fight inside their souls.  But we keep on rocking regardless.

Metamorphosis| Step One

Reggae artist Jimmy Cliff, most famous for the song ‘I can see clearly now’ from the early 90’s was arguably a one hit wonder in North America.

After a break, his album Rebirth came out swinging with a new take on Ruby Soho. His 2012 album, Rebirth, produced by Tim Armstrong, won a Grammy for best Reggae album that year.

Like Cliff, I too am experiencing a metamorphosis.  I feel an eternal calm crumbling beneath me.

As a rebirth one has to go back to point zero to move forward again. We recorded the music with the same instruments that we had used back in the days, the same style that we used to record, which is everyone recording at the same time – Cliff Source: NPR Music

love is just an abstract concept | It can’t knock down stuff

My gift from the Heavens is that of understanding.
To see order in chaos.

Once the static is separated the picture’s luminance flies off the page. The answer illuminated.

Then my dearest, there’s you.
You’re simply impossible.

There is no pattern, no rhyme, no reason to your nature.
I cannot predict, track, or accurately map your wildly fantastic spirit. To my structuralist patterns you are a maelstrom on my senses.

My heart strings are tangled in a web of your exploding colour
yet my intellect cannot begin to unravel your mystery.

So I embark on my life’s greatest work to discover your enigma. I’ll attempt to understand your weather patterns as you pull me into your hurricane.

Catch me my darling. I’m here waiting.

My Impossible boy.


Sheena’s Still Rocking | The Kids are Alright

Sheena’s Still Rocking.

It exists in the fray. Beyond the barriers of the confined reality. The chains you tie her to are dismantled as she rages against the dying of the night.

This; power you receive when you exist in the cracks. The sound goes clickity clack.

The percussion.
The vibration.
The rising crescendo.

Faster. Harder.
Hit the snare.
Shred the guitar.
Harder still.


Captain Buzzkill

Jeff: Man I’m having the best day Eva!!!! We saw Brand New. Had Sneaky Dee’s nachos. I even saw a shooting star!

Gordo: Ehh. You might not have saw a shooting star. In actuality you probably just saw falling space junk – a satellite or debris.

Jeff: Fuck off Gordo! I choose to believe it was a falling star. Buzzkill.

Gordo: Have you met me?

Please don’t lose your faith in me. I’m not going anywhere. – Taking Back Sunday