How Jeffy Got His Groove Back

It’s been a long time. My piece titled ‘Hello’ was a spiritual marker that I had not been myself. That the person I strive to be was being compromised. That I can be so much more.
Pride weekend in Montreal reaffirmed belief in myself. My skills, my failures and what I need to work on in the future. In the words of Ms. Jully Black – you gotta travel the long road so that you can smile again.

My life is filed with joy. Friendship really never ends. And they travel with me – connected no matter what the distance.

Try again. Fail again. Laugh again.



I can’t Fuck you unless you know who Tim Armstrong is.

So I’m walking around aimlessly. Stoned of course. So I get a slice of pizza (not for the pizza pizza itself but for the wifi.) Wrote a bad joke about Robin Williams —

Dying after Robin Williams is kinda a tough act to follow.
(Too soon?)


Got a slushie. Was invited by a dude on scruff to the vapor lounge. On Scuff [ Notation for straights / those without HBO – it’s a gay hook up app]
So dude points at my shirt. And asks ‘Who’s Rancid’. I kept it kool. For TWO seconds. I’m like WTF -You don’t know who Tim fucking Armstrong is? I had get up and leave on principle alone.

AND THAT’s what keeping it punk means to me.

Hello Again, Old Friend.

Hello 😉
Hello again, old friend. It’s been a long time. It feels like we haven’t spoken in ages….Remember how we used to discuss you endlessly? You and all your big dreams. You were in the process of being me. Growing. Evolving. Challenging. Not yet knowing what was to come. What you would discover. But my dearest, the new me feels sorry for the old you. How you’ll never understand this new synchronicity. Always running. Afraid of what you might find. I was you. Lacking in depth. Only just discovering breath. Leaping before you looked. No acknowledgement of fear. That was your motto after you saw it spray painted high up on that mountain in Old Montreal. Now your measured. calculated. slow. Old you improvised as you ran down the rabbit hole. Today, you being you would never tumble down. You lost track of the terrain; no longer scared of who will catch you when you fall. But old you is still there. Sometimes if you listen closely. Strain your ear to listen. He’s terrified that you’ll forget all about him.